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Thought-Based Approach

Support That Makes a Difference

Guidance & Inspiration

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching focuses on enhancing a person's strengths, overcoming obstacles, and assessing performance issues. With this tragectory, along with the relationship built between the coach and the client, a leader is able to achieve their goals, maximize their unique contribution, and face each challenge with confidence and clarity.  

Benefits Include:

  • Increased work performance

  • Leveraging your existing strengths

  • Build more productive relationships

  • See yourself more clearly

  • Improve focus on goal setting and goal achievement

  • Increase self-confidence 

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Recovery Coaching

A Recovery Coach will provide guidance and accountability for the client who is working through recovery from addictive behavior patterns. James will provide the necessary tools and support for the client in their day to day recovery. With more than 6 years of Recovery and Sober Coaching experience, James will uniquely and skillfully guide clients on their journey toward recovery and restoration. 

Benefits Include:

  • Weekly confidential accountability

  • Establishing sobriety

  • Breaking denial structure

  • Understanding the nature of addiction

  • Develop and implement a growth plan

  • Maintaining a lifestyle of growth

  • Emotional and relational healing

Never Walk Alone

Sober Travel Companion

Getting from one point to another in the business world can be a challenge while navigating a journey of recovery. A Sober Travel Companion can provide a stable environment where support is given in the most stressful of environments. Within this unique coaching setting, James offers character based companionship that turns the often high temptations accompanied with travel into a time that is growth oriented, and accountable. 

Benefits Include:

  • Establishing real accountability

  • Provide an environment of growth

  • Meaningful relationship that provides healthy connection

  • Different perspective on how to live in sobriety in all areas of life

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